Sunday, August 27, 2006

About Football Inc.

Hey all Football Fans! The new football season is kicking off & many new kits will be unveiled! Live, breathe, experience the passion, the drama & the excitement of the new season with your team's own jersey! All jerseys are Authentic and available at huge discounts off the retail Price!!! Get your favourite team's Jersey here right now!

Our Vision:- To Provide Premium Quality Football Merchandise to all football fans at highly competitive rates, with distinguished service, & allow them to share our passion & enthusiasm for the beautiful game.

Sizes will be the follow the standard Brand (Adidas/Nike) sizing. Feel . All Sizes, S,M,L,XL available. While Stocks Last

General Size Guide
Size S - 36-38 inch across Chest
Size M - 38-40 inch
Size L - 40-42 inch
Size XL - 42-44

Price Guide:- (All Prices In SGD)
Nike Brand Clubs:- Retail $114, Queensway $97, Our Price: $92!
Adidas Brand Clubs:- Retail $109, Queenways $95 Our Price: $89!

Disclaimer:- Items are specifically ordered according to buyers's size and hence no exchange or refunds are allowed unless Item's out of stock.

Sizes can be tried at:- Adidas Suntec, Citilink, Heeren, Nike Wheelock

List Of Jerseys Available:- Arsenal H/A, Man United H/A, Liverpool H/A, Chelsea H/A, Totthenham H, Bayern Munich H/A, Inter Milan H, AC Milan H/A, Barcelona H/A, Real Madrid H/A, Valencia H, Lyon H, England H/A

Item Info:- All Items Are Brand New & Guaranteed Authentic. They will arrive in Original manufacturer's packaging with all relevant tags attached as shown.

Eg:- Liverpool Home Jersey & Others

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Cash On Delivery upon confirmation of Order. All Jerseys will be specially brought in for the consumer, hence the policy.

Meetup is schdeuled to be at Thomson Plaza or Orchard Area.

Alternatively can have it by registered post at additional $4 and it will be delivered to your front door!

International Buyers:-
Paypal Would Be Available
Pls Enquire @

Friday, August 25, 2006

EPL Kits 07-08

Liverpool Adidas Away 07-08 :- $90 (R.P $112)

Liverpool Adidas Home 06-08:- $89 (R.P $109, Queensway $95)

Arsenal Home 06-08 Emirates Stadium:- $85 (R.P $114.95, Queenway $97) Chelsea Adidas Home 06-08:- $90 (R.P $114.95, Queenway $97)

Manchester United Nike Home 07-08:- $92 (R.P $114.95, Queenway $97)

Newcastle Adidas Home 07-09:- $90 (R.P $109, Queenway $95)

To Order:- Email Ministryoffootball@gmail./ Jack @ 90115215

EPL & European Champions League Away Kits

Chelsea European Away Kit Pre Order:- $90 (R.P $109, Queenway $95)

Pre Order Stage: Will Arrive In September!

Arsenal Away 07-08 Fly Emirates:- $90 (R.P $114.95, Queenway $97)

Liverpool European Away:- Pre Order $90 (R.P $109, Queenway $95)

Manchester United Away 06-07:- $90 (R.P $114.95, Queenway $97) Pre Order

Official Launch : To be Released!

Chelsea Adidas Away 06-07 :- $90 (R.P $109, Queenway $95)

More Kits Will Be Added Soon...

To Order:- Email Jack @ 90115215

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

EPL, UEFA Champions League Patches (Complete Jersey Set)

Uefa Champions League Patch:- $16

EPL Badge:- $17 For 2 Sides

Complete Jersey Set:- Liverpool Jersey + Gerrard 8 (Player Edition) + EPL Badges.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Printing Services/Personalization

EPL (Official Replica Font, Smaller Size)
Per Number $10 Dual numbers $19 Per letter $2
Eg:- No.7 KEWELL

EPL (Player Edition, Bigger Size, Same as player uses)
Per Number $14, Dual Numbers $27, Per Letter $3


For Champions League/Seria A Printing/ EPL Special Edition Printing, pls enquire. Eg (Chelsea Away, Liverpool Away, European Away/Home Series)

La Liga, Seria A, Special Printing Sets Etc:- Pls Enquire @

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Seria A Kits

AC Milan Adidas Away 06-07 :- $89 (R.P $109, Queensway $95)
Inter Milan Home Nike 06-08:- $92 (R.P $114.95, Queensway $97)
AC Milan 06-08 Adidas Home:- $89 (R.P $109, Queenway $95)
To Order:- Email Jack @ 90115215

For The Ladies...

Liverpool Ladies Home/ Boys Size 06-08 Pre Order:- $75
Nike Arsenal Ladies/ Boys Size 06-08 :- $75 Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea Arriving...

Monday, August 07, 2006

La Liga Kits

Valencia Home 06-08:- $92 (R.P $114.95, Queensway $97)

Barcelona Nike 06-07 Home:- $92 (R.P $114.95, Queensway $97)

Barcelona Nike 06-07 Away:- $92 (R.P $114.95, Queensway $97)

Real Madrid Adidas Away Kit 06-07: $89 (R.P $109, Queensway $95)
Real Madrid Adidas Home Kit 06-08: $89 (R.P $109, Queensway $95)

To Order:- Email Jack @ 90115215